About us

VO Europe produces tailor-made communication services dedicated to international institutions. It provides its customers with studies, the setting-up and running of institutional communication campaigns and integrated communication campaigns for all types of events.

VO Europe was set up in 2012 and has since provided the European Commission and the European Parliament with specialized and integrated communication services.

Member of VO

VO Europe is member of VO, Communication and leisure group. VO’s ambition is to affirm its position as a Belgian market leader of communication services and to become a major actor on a EU institutional level.

We are committed to generate quality communication contents for brands and institutions, to stage the contents with our event and conversational skills, to design solutions or projects in order to promote the business of our private or institutional clients.

VO acts responsibly and sustainably. We subscribe to a people-oriented and society-oriented dynamic which harmoniously combines the well-being of all those we work with, the generation of profit and the respect for the environment.