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React Teasing an event with guerrilla marketing


Guerrilla-type activities are designed to create visibility at a low cost and create a buzz on traditional media (earned media) and on social media (shareability). In the context of the European Elections campaign 2014, VO Europe produced several events to promote TEDx-style events.

  • In Paris, "Little People", made by British artist Slinkachu, illustrated the theme of the conference via different scenes on employment in several frequented places. These "Little People" met the public via information that was given by hostesses on the upcoming conference.
  • In Warsaw, we offered a sneak peek of the upcoming ReAct conference on energy dependency by turning off all the lights at night in front of the Palace of Culture and Science which is usually always illuminated. During two hours, we displayed the following message "What would you do if this happened?" and played a series of messages related to energy dependency in a loop.
    It was also crucial to produce a shareable video immediately after the killing of the lights – and to be online just after end of the action.
  • To illustrate the event in Frankfurt, the German artist Axel Peemöller built a gigantic multi-faced, diamond-shaped work of art on which he painted words illustrating the theme of the conference. Depending on the angle from which people passed by, the structure would shift from a puzzle to a revelation of a message on "how Europe uses public money". Big stickers on the pavement were giving information on the event.

These teasing events were eye-catching and amazing! The foreseen result was achieved as people took an interest in the delivered messages and then participated in the conferences.