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React conferences Delivering the messages of an EU Institution to its citizens


React conferences were part of a series of events which fit in the European Parliament’s election campaign of information. These TEDx-style events were structured around 5 different themes: Youth and Unemployment, Finance, Quality of Life, Economy and EU in the world, and were held in 5 different European cities: Paris, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Madrid and Rome.

The principle was to achieve dissemination of the content after these events. This was attained by inviting stakeholders with strong dissemination potential to push the message conveyed to their own audiences: giving citizens background context about why it is important to vote.

VO Europe focused on achieving the creation of an impactful audio-visual content and organising the conference itself.

The main challenge was about striking the right balance between the quality of the speakers, the profile of the audience invited and the logistics, starting with the choice of a good venue. The technical challenge consisted in creating an exportable format to create economy of scale and yet be sufficiently flexible to adapt the format to suit the local market.

The conferences included interactivity with the public through voting boxes and Twitter, which contributed to ensuring a direct dissemination of the information and a powerful exchange of views between the EP and its citizens.