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The Consumer, Health and Food Executive Agency
ECC Network quality Can EU institutions also be considered as “brands”?


This could be seen as the core question to which VO Europe had to provide an answer and solutions for ECC-Net – the network of European Consumer Centres.

This network runs across 30 European countries and is in search of greater public visibility. Their core-business: providing individual advice during cross-border commercial litigations.

The challenge is to produce innovative methodologies so that the network itself increases its skills in the field of communications and quality- the two pillars of brand-building.

In order to reach that objective, we started with the beginning: reviewing the capacities of each of the members of the network, and those of the network as a whole. We looked at off-line and on-line practices, including social media, and produced a communication strategy and materials which the Centres could themselves deploy, adapt and measure.

Empowerment is the keyword, but so is coaching ! Raising the profile of ECC-Net as a brand implies that all the members of the network benefit from the advices from our experts. Our feeling is that a one-size-fits-all approach cannot work. All we can hope for is to set the tone, and provide the adequate guidance.