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European Parliament
Building decoration Displaying efficient communications to connect citizens with the EU


The creation of a captivating decoration for a building consists of finding the best compromise between brand identity and technical constraints.

Our vision for such projects is to convert challenges into opportunities: we make use of the specificities of each location to enhance the specificities of the message of our client.

We kept this vision at heart when deploying the visual communication materials for the European Parliament, as part of their global communication campaign for the 2014 European elections.

The large scale prints of respectively 530 m2 in Strasbourg and 326 m2 in Brussels represented a spectacular logistical and practical challenge !

Timely delivery, local regulation, specific safety measures are additional constraints which our team are accustomed to. They are the prerequisite to customer satisfaction which we have achieved in Strasbourg, Brussels and in 15 other European capitals during the pre and post-election phases.